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Our History


A Merging of Two


Grace United Methodist has the oldest congregation in Blue Island. As the name might suggest, Grace United Methodist Church is the amalgamation of two separate bodies. Central Methodist, the oldest of the two, was founded as the German Methodist in 1850. During the first five years, meetings were held in the homes of the members, or occasionally in the schoolhouse. In 1854 the "Blue Island Mission District" was formed and it included Blue Island, and areas which later became Calumet City, Farnkfort and Tinley Park. In the summer of 1855 a combination church and parsonage was built on Artesian, just south of Grove Street. The whole preject cost $1250.00 including the land and the building. However, this did not include the steeple and entrance lobby, which were added in 1874. This building served the congregation for 36 years, until a new structure was built on Vermont Street in 1891.


The second body, known for many years as the First Methodist Church of Blue Island was founded here in 1873 as the Methodist Episcopal Church of Blue Island. This group exsisted in various forms since 1852, holding services and classes at different places in the Blue Island area. Shortly after settling here, the congregation built a new church building that was dedicated in October of 1874. The two churches officially became one on June 6, 1943.



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